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Do you know that the only way to make your voice heard is through your ability to vote? Your vote is basically your voice and what this entails is that without your PVC, personal voter's card, you've got no voice.

Become politically conscious for only through your participatory exercise that the changes you seek could materialise. Register as a voter today by clicking button below.

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The Vote is Your Voice

It's your solemn duty to be a registered voter. It's only through the voting process that you can meaningfully contribute to where direction of the nation is steered to. Become an official PDP member to help forge a better future for your children.


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Admission To Membership

Membership of the Party shall be open to all Nigerians who

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A person who desire to rejoin the party after leaving it shall:

Loss of Membership

Without prejudice to the provision of section 8(16) of 

Status of Returnee Members

A person who has earlier decamped from the party but

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